The Humble Mouse and the Silver Screen: Famous Mice We Know

Hello and welcome back to Le Rat des Villes! I am continued to be in awe over the wonderful and engaging responses that are left each time I create a new discussion. I found it quite interesting that while there is still a huge percentile of society that think that mice are gross and scary things; our popular culture actually reflects something else.

Through the years, we have seen many a famous mouse grace the screens of theaters and even our television sets. One of them even hired a luxury car in a nice location such as Zurich (! So I decided to come up with a list of famous mice throughout the history of our popular culture!


One of the more classical parts of any kid’s Saturday mornings, Tom and Jerry has aired for several decades now. You may know Jerry as many different things. In some episodes he is a caring and intelligent mouse just trying to live in his little haven. In others, he acts more like the pesky behavior that mice are known for.

This cartoon is to be noted for its rather violent scenes where knives, pots, and even guns are used to try to best each other. Personally, I liked the episode where Tom was an opera singer and poor Jerry lived in the stage and was just trying to get some shut eye. That scene where Jerry licks a lemon much to Tom’s discomfort will live on in my fond memory.

Mighty Mouse

This might be a little old for those who were not born in the 90’s. Mighty mouse was a very popular character and he even had his own show. He was a superman of sorts with his ability to fly, super strength, and propensity of save the day. It was a fairly straightforward cartoon which taught kids right from wrong. So it was the kind of cartoon that you would not mind showing your child.

In certain parts of the world, he experienced massive popularity and I even remember seeing his name and brand associated with chocolate at one point. They were these brown round pills and they tasted a lot like Ovaltine.

Mickey Mouse

Of course, everyone in the world knows who this character is. He is the main character and flagship mascot of a multi billion dollar conglomerate. Mickey Mouse, along with Minnie, has long ruled at the top of the mouse representation food chain.  Not only are they the stars of several movies and TV shows, but they also have massive representation in other products as well.

Many an adult actually carries a love for Minnie and Mickey Mouse. In fact, they even make them a part of their everyday life like home decoration or even car accessories.

To Close

These are some that I managed to remember without resorting to Google because I didn’t want to cheat. There are certainly quite a number of them but I know that isn’t the entirety. Despite the negative connotations that are usually tied to mice, we sure like to incorporate them into our culture.

Do you guys remember any other famous mice that have been part of our popular culture? And on another note, did anyone of you ever rent a BMW in London from Apex Luxury Car Hire? I’m going on a trip there soon and they have the best reviews so far 🙂