Research for All: What Has Animal Experimentation Yielded For Us?

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Once again, I would like to express my most sincere thanks for those that continue to provide me with feedback and input regarding my topics of discussion. I particularly like when people share their own tips and advice especially when it comes to the subjects of mice.

This time, I wanted to take a moment and to discuss one of the questions that were sent in to my inbox. It was a query from Nathan from Hong Kong. He had asked what sorts of “benefits” animal experimentation has yielded for humanity as he believes that there is very little that can be obtain beyond superficial things like makeup. While it is quite reprehensible that the cosmetic industry made use of animals for their testing, it should not be confused with biomedical research.

What is Biomedical Research?

This is any scientific research that is predominantly made toward the goal of furthering one’s understanding of the processes and functional capacity of living organisms especially in the face of stress or disease.

Animal testing is more of humans selfishly and thoughtlessly using animals to see how rough their chemicals are before they sell it to humans. Biomedical research like those done on animals like mice, are made with the driving force of understanding how living organism adapt or react to certain conditions. They help our understanding with what the still need to know about.

Biomedical research has accomplished quite a bit. Here are a few of them:


This particular discovery was made by Ernest Chain and Howard Florey who used mice to test their findings regarding staphylococcus bacilli—the strain that usually gives humans a wide variety of skin diseases.

Penicillin is used primarily to find infection that is caused by certain types of mold.

Blood Transfusion

It is thanks to biomedical research that we know the safe limit when transferring blood. We also know what a dangerous point for a person’s blood level is. It was Richard Lewisohn that utilized dogs in his research.

Blood transfusions save millions of live each day. Those that suffer from anemia or have to undergo significant surgery can be kept alive through proper blood transfusion.

Meningitis Vaccine

This bacterial infection has claimed the lives of millions of children back in the early years of medical research. Mice and rabbits saved the day when it was discovered that coupling the bacterial strain with a particular protein made the mice and rabbits immune to the usual infections caused by the meningitis strain.

This vaccine has reduced the number of child deaths due to meningitis by around ninety percent.

To Close

There are so many other things that we need to thank biomedical research for. The ones I’ve mentioned above were some that I remembered off the top of my head (not to brag but I recently had a test about this so I’m pretty confident about its validity). Biomedical research will continue to reshape and change the way we do things, the medicines that we discover, and the way that we combat disease and death.

What do you think biomedical research has given us?