Write for Le Rat des Viles

Hi and welcome to my blog!
I’m certainly glad that you are interested in becoming a writer here!

I truly believe that writers are pretty special people. Not only are they able to convey their thoughts through words but they offer different insight on both new and old topics. They provide other people with a chance to better grasp certain ideas and bring in whole new way to look at everyday things. In building this blog, I’ve realized how difficult it can be to be a writer.

The topics of this blog are mice and the different experiments that are done to them. This in itself is quite broad so I simply cannot do it myself. That being said, I would like to announce that I am opening up spots for a writing team! It can either be part-time or full-time—it would be entirely up to you. I would just like a few requirements for those who are planning on sending in their applications:

100% Original Content

There have been too many sites that peddle the exact same content. Not only does this not help anyone but it lessens the chance of actual quality content being seen. Large search engines algorithms being what they are, you will need original content to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

So if you cannot provide wholly original content, we’re going to have problems. I will be using top of the line content checkers to cross-reference it with already published articles.

Quality Information

There have been a lot of sites that try to pass off poorly researched information simply to reach word count goals. Those that simply copy other people’s content also do not bother to check if the information is correct. With every new published copy, more false information is circulated. As you can image that helps absolutely no one.

If you are able to express your thoughts cohesively and without resorting to highfaluting words, that would be utterly amazing.

Would you like to write for Le Rat des Villes?

If so, do let me know about it. I do not require professional experience in writing. If you have a blog just like mine, you can be featured as a writer of the month! You can reach me through my email at info@le-rat-des-villes.com.